Academic Programs

Grade Groups: K-2/3-5/6-8(Middle School /9-12 (High School)

    • Young Journalist

In the Young Journalist workshop, students have the opportunity to explore written literature as well as visual and oratory communication. Through this workshop, students improve their writing skills as well as explore various careers and entrepreneurial opportunities in the field of creative and journalism.  Our Young Journalist student audience, which range from grades K-8, are engaged throughout the process by utilizing creative learning tools such as PowerPoint presentations, public speakers, group debate challenges ad participation in creating their own portfolio of creative writing in an effort to publish students work. DCM has partnered with Girls’ World and Teen magazines to assist  our students easily submit their articles for publishing. JetBlue Airways will also be a supporting organization with their educational outreach programs like Soar With Reading and BlueCity Launch.

    • Literacy Club (sub-Group)

Literacy Club allows students to explore different themes and develop meaningful literacy learning experiences with Club. Perfect for early beginners (3 -5 year olds) or struggling learners 6-8 year olds), the Literacy Club focus on reading skills including the alphabet, the concept of print, phonological awareness, phonics, high-frequency words, and fluency, with fine motor and writing integration, in a fun and engaging way. We also want to develop the concept of a pre-teen/teen magazine for boys entitled Boy’s Passion.

    • Spanish Bilingual Tutoring

Students will have the opportunity to practice the Spanish language by engaging in strategies and tools in order to improve their conversational reading and writing skills. Story-telling books in English/Spanish translation will be introduced during the workshop. Students will also have the opportunity to create creative works in the Spanish language.