Career Development Workshops

Young Fashion Designers: Grades 3-5/6-8/9-12

  • Young Seamstress (Sub Group)

The Young Seamstress workshop teaches students how to sew, stitch and use measurements to produce clothing garments and accessories. Students will learn basic body measurements; utilizing Math skills learned in class and putting it into practice.

  • Young Tailor (Sub Group)

The Young Tailor workshop focuses on repair techniques of used garments.  Students will be taught basic needle techniques. Projects will focus on actual garments owned by students that will be used in demonstration of techniques.

  • Young Entrepreneurs (All Grade Levels)

Students will receive an introduction to business models, design and economics for tomorrow’s leaders! Students will choose a name for the business, design a logo, design the business location, decide on the price of the product/service, employee attire and responsibilities, etc. Students will pitch the business to a panel of business owners! In the end of this Workshop, students will be invited to a Young Entrepreneurs Expo to showcase their talents! New to this workshop: Little Entrepreneurs Pizzeria and Fashion Boutique!

  • Young Photographers (All Grade Levels)

By the end of this workshop students will have a clear understanding of how to edit pictures and videos as well as basic concepts in Photography such as aperture, shutter speed, ISP, exposure, shutter control, white balance, rule of thirds and basic use of the built in flash.

 Young Beauticians: Grades 3-5/6-8/9

  • Young Hairstylist (Sub Group)

This workshop, offered in conjunction with local Salons will teach students the basics of hair care, hair design and natural makeup and skincare.  Students enrolled in this workshop will practice on their own mannequins and receive the tools necessary to become budding hair stylist! They will begin their business plans and building their brand through entrepreneurship and mentorship.

  • Young Barber (Sub-Group)

Students are taught different cutting techniques of cutting hair, shaping short/low cut hair using various hair cutting tools.  Products will be discussed in their importance in hair maintenance and upkeep of styles.

Planning 4 Success (Grades 3-12)

As children develop cognitively and socially, they develop a sense of self and expand their social networks. As these natural changes occur, they might struggle with change.The mission behind Planning 4 Success workshop is to teach students tools on how to manage transitions as they progress in the real world. Specifically, students will learn social etiquette and presenting oneself by participating in public speaking and presentation workshops.  Students will also be introduced to financial literacy and civic and community engagement opportunities. These workshops and opportunities help students apply critical thinking and problem-solving tools that they can use in the real world.