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DCM was founded out of a need in our communities to develop leadership and activism in Children/Youth using several core principles; Discipline, Training/Development, Parent Involvement and Activism.
Our goal is to form a community of parents that will partner with the organization in shaping the lives of our children and youth. DCM will strive to tap into each Child/Youth’s interests and strengths by partnering with their parents to develop their skills to its fullest potential. Being a member of Deliverance Children’s Ministry provides families the opportunity to commune with other families to develop a community and safe haven for their Child/Youth to thrive.

DCM meets these needs by providing a village of supports through family workshops, tutoring programs, enrichment and career development, financial literacy and more, to aid in the advancement of youth and their families. DCM is the only community based organization to provide entrepreneurship programs and opportunities to youth ages 4 – 12, merging academic excellence with career exploration.

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