STEAM Program

What is S.T.E.A.M. Education? STEAM is an educational approach to learning in which Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics is utilized as a guiding point to produce critical thinking, inquiry and dialogue in students.

  • Young Engineers

The projects in this class will introduce the skills needed by real-life engineers. Children of all ages and abilities engage in hands on, minds on, simple engineering projects. Students will engage in hands on exploration through STEM activities and experiments that will develop their problem solving and inquiry based skills. Examples of activities are: woodshop, welding, jewelry making, minecraft, lego)

  • Young Environmentalist

DCM Youth members plant herbs, vegetables and flowers on two of our plots owned at Community Uplifting Project Community Garden (CUPCG). A third plot owned by Susan Newman, President/Executive Director of our sister nonprofit Frogs Are Green our student members help maintain the Toad Abode for frog exploration.
DCM strives in teaching Youth about the wonders of nature as it pertains to our human existence on Earth and the importance of learning to protect animals who are an important part of Earth’s ecosystem.


  • Science Club (Sub Group)


In Science Club students engage in hands on exploration through STEM activities and experiments that will develop their problem solving and inquiry based skills in Science & Nature.

  • Computer Technology/Coding

Students will be exposed to basic and advanced Computer Science concepts in this 10 week course which will be expanded as the school year progresses during the Winter and Spring sessions. The following lesson plans will be explored; Microsoft Office, Google Docs, introduction to coding/programming, basic computer maintenance, digital citizenship and cyberbullying. Past participants of nationally-acclaimed organizations like Girls Who Code, a non-profit group focused on increasing the percentage of women in the Computer Technology field, will volunteer in teaching our female students how to use Javascript and different coding languages used in creating computer programs.

  • Young Aviators Club

In Young Aviators Club, male and female students with an interest in aviation and aeronautics will be introduced to the airline industry and the many job field opportunities within
the industry. Students incorporate artistic creativity by the use of project-based airplane design projects and other visualization tools. Introduction to aviation and aerospace industry touches on numerous fields of study and ties into various industries: How aircraft are built is Industrial Arts, Who controls aircraft is Government, What they cost is Economics, Where they land is Social Studies, Where they fly is  Geography, Who made them fly is History, How they fly is Science.

JetBlue Airways and United Airlines representatives will volunteer to visit classes and speak with the students about the different job opportunities in the airline industry.  During the Winter months students will participate in United Airlines’ Adventure Bear Program and deliver Adventure Bear, named Ben Flyin to our K-3 students. Students will also participate in United Fantasy Flights.

  • Young Mathematicians

In Young Mathematicians students focus on strengthening their math skills.  Math Instructors uses a combination of group and individual study based on each student’s learning level.

  •  Math Club 

Our Math Club allows students to develop their skills in mathematics in a way that is tailored to their needs, while engaging in study that develops their understanding of mathematical concepts and build a love for math. We will provide a range of projects and activities to bring math concepts into practical use for our students. Example apps include CARTO, Piktochart, etc. Hands on projects can include cooking, carpentry, graphic design, etc.